189 Days

our fully matured birds are reared for taste.

Our Geese are reared over 189 days, ensuring maximum health, maturity and taste. Modern poultry farming systems can be done and dusted within 39 days, however we pride ourselves on a different standard of production and taste.

Find out more below about how we guarantee premium taste through the maturity of our Geese.

Hatched with Care

Our days old birds are brought to the farm in early June, hatched from our trusted breeders in Norfolk.

They are housed indoors for the first 4 weeks, until they are big and strong enough to cope with the elements outside! I

It’s always a highlight in in our calendar to walk the flock onto the pasture for the first time. Family and friends are roped in and it’s a great team effort to get all the birds out into the open for them to feel grass under-foot.

Reared to Maturity

Every single birds which leaves our farm is at least 6 months old. Our first Christmas batch are ready at 189 days (6 months & 6 days).

189 days allows natural and full growth of our flock. You won’t find any methods on our farm which speeds this process up.

Why would we want to anyway? The long and happy life our Geese lead is the secret behind their taste:

Warning! “Sciencey Bit”

Allowing poultry long and natural maturity increases their ability to develop Myoglobin in their muscle fibres. Myoglobin is the molecule which oxygenates the muscles, developed and encouraged by walking, running and flapping wings! That’s why leg meat is always darker than breast meat.

You can always tell a healthy bird by the colour of its meat; a supermarket chicken for example is pale in colour, compared to one which has been raised over a longer period.


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