The Incredible Powers of Goose Fat

Ask any chef, Goose fat is liquid gold. Whether used to crisp the perfect roast potatoes or for the base for a thick and juicy gravy, here is a basic guide on how to harvest, store and best use your Goose fat!

Step 1

Generously score the skin of your bird and cook on a wire rack above a deep roasting tin.

Step 2

Drain your roasting tin several times throughout cooking and sieve relentlessly to guarantee pure, wholesome fat.

Step 3

Allow the fat to cool, pop it into air-tight jars and store in the fridge. You’ll have weeks of crispy roast potatoes!

Naughty Goose Fat Ideas

Fry an egg in Goose fat for some seriously juicy breakfast treats.

Include Goose fat in pastry mixes – cornish pasties, steak & ale pies and sausage rolls have never been so special.

The classic – smother your potatoes in Goose fat prior to roasting and watch them crisp up into a beautiful golden brown.


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