Our Sustainable Model

Goose & Co fiercely believes that the future of food production in the UK lies within sustainable models. Not only is sustainability our moral obligation for the preservation of the environment, but there are endless opportunities to improve and develop local economies through sustainable thinking.

At Goose & Co we are really proud of our contribution to sustainability. However it’s also one of our guilty pleasures! Since our very beginning in 2018, we have been in partnership with Purity Brewing Co. in Warwickshire.

It was this partnership which was the inspiration behind our initial trading name; Brewer’s Goose.

Once the Geese have built their strong frames in the open pastures of the farm, we use Brewer’s Grains from Purity Brewing Co. to supplement their diets in order to ensure a well-finished and nourished bird.

Brewer’s Grains are packed with copious amounts of protein and fibre and would otherwise go to waste. Instead they are an excellent sustainable feed for producing a well-rounded Goose.


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