Fred’s Fail-safe Roast Goose

This recipe is what Fred cooks on Christmas Day. It’s festive, aromatic and brought to life with a few special tricks and spiced ingredients.


Score the Skin

Across the breast, legs and anywhere you can get a knife to – make shallow scores into the skin, making sure you cut only into the skin and fat, and not into the flesh itself (if you see red, you’ve gone too deep!). Make a zig-zag pattern of scores across the bird, until you have diamonds across the entirety of the bird.

Make a Festive Rub

In a pestle & mortar, combine the following ingredients:

2 Tablespoons of Chinese 5 Spice

The zest of 1 lemon and 2 oranges

A good pinch of salt and black pepper

A smattering of cinnamon (to taste)

A few generous pinches of brown sugar

Rub the Rub!

This is the fun part, a great opportunity to get the children in the kitchen enjoying themselves!

Get into every nook, cranny and score that you made earlier. If in doubt, put more on and keep going!

Once happy, brush off any excess rub and move the bird onto a wire rack above a deep baking tray.


Cooking Time & Temperature

Cook your Goose for 15 minutes per KG, plus an extra 10 minutes until you’re confident that the leg meat is cooked.

For the first 15 minutes of cooking, have the oven set as high as it will go (230 – 250 C). After this, reduce back to 180 C.

Please try to avoid over-cooking your Goose. If you haven’t cooked one before, we promise that 15 minutes per KG will be enough!

The Golden Window

20 minutes before the end of your calculated cooking time, the golden window opens!

Take your bird out of the oven and smother it in honey, this will caramelise the skin and elevate it into something to die for.

Also, take a clean knife and slice deep between the legs and the main body of the bird. This will help the leg meat cook evenly during final few minutes of cooking.

Pop the bird back in the oven for the final 20 minutes.

Rest, Relax & Enjoy

After those final 20 minutes, take the bird out of the oven and leave to rest.

Perfect resting time is anywhere between 30 minutes & an hour. Please don’t cover with tin-foil, as this will continue to cook your Goose.

Carve, serve, pour yourself a drink & enjoy!


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