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“…the ultimate guilty pleasure”

Tom Heap – Countryfile presenter and Goose & Co customer

Our Story

Goose & Co was founded in 2018 by Fred Hammond, a man on a mission to give Goose meat the credit it rightly deserves!

Goose & Family

Tom Heap

Countryfile Presenter and Goose & Co Customer

The meat was intensely flavoursome and the crispy skin the ultimate guilty pleasure.

The stock lasted for weeks and the fat is still basting our roast potatoes today.

Nicholas Gale

Goose & Co Customer

First goose for over 50 years.

Well worth the wait. Really delicious.

Richard Carleton

Goose & Co Customer

Having never cooked a Goose or eaten one on Christmas day before, I have to say that you now have a family of converts on your hands.

It was fantastic and your cooking tips were spot on. We really enjoyed it, an incredible taste and the bottle of Mad Goose helped ease Christmas morning along.

Chris Kollmer

Goose & Co Customer

I wanted to write to say how delicious the geese were that you delivered to us.

I prepared them as you suggested but added some homemade syrup that was given to us just before the birds arrived. Amazing!

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